Shopping assistence in Milan. Shopping guide and slylist in Milan. Italian furs.

The world of Milan is a world of extraordinary shopping!

Infinity choice of made in Italy. All italian and international brands. Luxury and convenient.

Enjoy your personalized shopping with our exclusive shopping assistence:

shopping guides, personal shoppers and slylists!

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shopping assistence in Milan

Our shopping assistence program:

- Shopping in Milan with our exclusive accompany by personal shopper.

- The boutiques, multibrand stores in Milan.

- Outlets and warehouses in Italy: 30-50-70% convenient.

- All famous brands: italian and international.

- The clothing, shoes, accessories: made in Italy.

- Bags: python, snake, crocodile, calf, kidskin and other (stores and

  showroom: 50% convenient).

- Furs: showroom, italian fur's factories (50-60% convenient)

- Cosmetics DIBI.

- Women's and men's wear.

- All sizes.


Shopping assistence - 8 hours- €200.

Shopping and stylist assistent service - 8 hours - €250.


Personal shopper in Milan.

Fur's factories in Italy. Discount: 50% and more!

- Shopping accompany service to the fur shops.

- Italian fur factories, fur laboratories: 50-60% convenient.

- Every kind of fur: sable, mink, chinchilla, fox, beaver, lynx, lambskin,

  blackglama and many other.

- Designers models fur.

- Very convenient factory prices.


  Shopping accompany service - 4-5 hours - €150.

Fur in Milan